Sunday, June 21, 2009

Amazing people.

I keep meaning to write this and finally, at 1 in the morning, had to do it! I took my first cake classes a little less than a year ago and was hooked. I wanted to learn all I could. I found some amazing resources on line and wanted to share them. Please check out

Amazing talent. Amazing vision. Amazing friend and just amazing! Thanks SCakes. ;) You rock!!!

From there you will find tons more videos on just about anything to do with cake. Frosting recipes, cake recipes, how to name it.

There's nothing like learning in person, but for those who hunger for more, I encourage you to take it all in!!!


  1. I too have taken cake classes. I started January this year. I have made my kid's birthday cakes to save money but my decorating skills wasn't the greatest. Now that I've taken all the Wilton courses I'm hooked. It's so great to find others that have taken the courses and have done so well. I hope to improve in time.

    I love Serious Cakes. I've been viewing her videos for months now. She mentioned your blog on her site.

  2. I too love Serious Cakes' tutorials! Such awesome people to share their talents with the rest of us. While I haven't taken any wilton classes I have been an avid decorator for the last 19 years. Ever since I was 7 and my mom started decorating I was hooked!

    You've got such talent and beautiful cakes posted here. I'm very glad I found your link on Serious Cakes' tutorial!!